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Planning and Property - Supplementary Planning Documents and other guidance

Design Review Guide

The Design Guide aims to inform new development and support applicants in the delivery of the highest quality architecture in Brentwood Town Centre and surrounding areas.

Brentwood Town Centre Design Guide November 2019Current16.17 Mb2 Dec 2019
Brentwood Town Centre Design Guide Consultation Statement November 2019Current0.17 Mb2 Dec 2019
May 2019Current1.7 Mb23 May 2019

Essex County Council Developers' Guide to Infrastructure Contributions

Revised Edition 2016Current3.01 Mb20 Jul 2016

Shopfront Guidance for Brentwood Town Centre SPD (2010)

This adopted Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides further guidance in order to help improve the standard of design when altering or replacing shopfronts and associated signage within Brentwood Town Centre.

Adopted SPD (March 2010)Current0.9 Mb29 Mar 2010
Representations Statement (Mar 2010)Previous0.01 Mb29 Mar 2010
Adoption Statement (Mar 2010)Previous0.02 Mb29 Mar 2010

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Design Guide (Essex County Council

All new major development must provide sustainable drainage systems to manage surface water flooding. This design guidance helps to steer what is expected from development to complement national requirements and prioritise local needs. It is a material consideration when determining planning applications.

2015Current15.08 Mb23 Jul 2015

Urban Place Supplement SPD (2007)

This adopted Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides additional guidance to the Essex Design Guide. This is specifically for residential and mixed use areas of development at higher densities, and to promote a high standard of environmental performance in all new development.

Adopted SPD (March 2007)Current9.07 Mb1 Mar 2007
UPS Representations StatementPrevious0.29 Mb16 Oct 2007
UPS Representations Statement Appendix APrevious0.02 Mb28 Sep 2007
UPS Adoption StatementPrevious0.03 Mb1 Sep 2007
UPS Consultation StatementPrevious0.24 Mb14 Dec 2006
Consultation StatementPrevious0.04 Mb4 Sep 2006
Draft Urban Place SupplementPrevious21.51 Mb1 Dec 2004
Consultation QuestionnairePrevious7.74 Mb1 Dec 2004
Sustainability AppraisalPrevious3.23 Mb2 Aug 2004

Vehicle Parking Standards SPD (2011)

Adopted SPD (Sep 2009 document adopted 2011)Current4.53 Mb10 May 2011
Representations Statement (Mar 2011)Previous0.04 Mb10 Mar 2011
Adoption Statutory Notice (Mar 2011)Previous0.01 Mb10 Mar 2011
Adoption Statement (Mar 2011)Previous0.01 Mb10 Mar 2011
Statutory Notice (Jan 2011)Previous0.02 Mb1 Jan 2011
SPD Matters (Jan 2011)Previous0.02 Mb1 Jan 2011
SA and SEA (Sep 2009)Previous0.44 Mb1 Jan 2011
Consultation Statement (Jan 2011)Previous0.05 Mb1 Jan 2011